How can block ip connect to server

how can block ip connect to server?

i mean how block an ip to join muc only

firewall on whatever system or network devices you have.

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i mean how know user ip and how block bad ip to join muc

sorry for my english

now edit topic

You can block users joining MUC based on their JID only.

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@David : You’re right
so i asked for trick or new plugin or how do that (idea)

You would have to write your own custom plugin or modify the MUC code to do this. What you are asking for doesn’t make much sense - Can you describe the actual problem?

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my problem with flood bots run on server (vps) and it have on ip such as 123.456.789.000 often

so if i block this ip (123.456.789.000 ) no one off flood bots can join muc in my server.
and my server still alive

if you know how modify the MUC code tell me and i will try to edit it


i hope to found answer