How can components receive message errors?


How can my component (written as a plugin) receive error messages? My component is creating messages to communicatore with components on other jabber servers, however those may of course not always be reachable. I assumed that I receive error packets, but I don’t. I see the exception (e.g. when DNS fails) in the logs but I don’t receive any errors.

I’ve tried these methods for sending, all with the same result:

componentManager.sendPacket(myplugin, m);




What can I do to receive an error message? Or be notified about the routing error at all?



By the way, the message I want to send has the from set to mycomponent@mycomponent.servername, an ID attribute is also set.

I just noticed I can receive error messages when the from-attribute is only mycomponent.servername. Is that a bug in openfire or did I not properly understand it?