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How can I access chat history on my PC when I am not logged in


I use spark to connect to our office openfire server. Some information are passed via chat that I need to access when I may not be logged into the server (say am at home).

How do I get access to the logs.

I am on a Win7 PC.



Spark transcript logs are located in %appdata%\Spark\user\username@openfireserver.com\transcripts as XML files, where username@openfireserver.com is replaced by your username and openfire server hostname.

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That works fine. However, why shouldnt the client software itself have the “past logs” menu active even when its not logged in ?

That is a good question, but unfortunately the Spark client is rather limited without logging in first… Possibly the reason for this is that the developers see this as a security issue in that it is not able to validate your authenticity to access conversations without having to first log in. However, as with many other things and also in the case, there are backend ways to get what you want.

I don’t think this is done (actualyy not done) because of the security. Such decision would be a “security through obscurity” only as logs are fully accessible if you are logged in into you computer account (say Windows account). One just has to know the folder path. This is not done because nobody asked this before and probably most of the users don’t need this. Login window is designed to be minimal and probably it is loading faster with less options.