How can I change configuration of Jive Messenger?

I had finished the configuration and used MS SQL Server 2000,but I used a small minConnections and maxConnections,then it is so slowly when there are 50 people online.So I want to change it,but I couldn’'t know what to do.I modified jive-messenger.xml by UltraEdit,but the service restarts fail.

Can you post some log of the exception here?

It’'s possible that your editor has left some hidden characters in the xml file, that are causing the parsing to fail. Can you try another editor first?

Hope that helps,


thanks for your reply.

I just changed the file into binary mode,and I found that UltraEdit added 3 bytes:0xEF 0xBB 0xBF at the file’‘s head,I think it’'s the cause of this problem.