How can i connect 2 OpenFire Server?

Hello team, I have 2 openfire server with LDAP in our organization, we need use option Server to Server, i´d add both in inbound connection, how can i those server sync beetween? , because new server in working as a standalone, can you help me about this…?



Depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you have enabled Serveer to Server on both servers and added each to their whitelist, it might be already working. But it won’t automatically merge users from both servers. You have to try adding a user from one server to another server’s user’s roster. Btw, do you servers have different XMPP Domain name? Because it will only work with different domains.

are you referring to clustering?

Thanks for answer

Yes i had enable services in both servers, i´d open port in both local firewall, one server are in linux and the other one is w2k12r2, i trying merge all rules, settings was create it, in w2k12r2 to Linux, both server are in the same domain, and use Windows LDAP…

No, they aren´t in cluster…

What do you mean by saying they are in the same domain? Do they have the same value for XMPP Domain Name on the first page of Admin Console? Then they can’t be connected via Server to Server. This connection is only for different domains. But i think S2S is not what you need as you want to combine two servers into one. There is no way to achieve this. Especially for rules, settings. As you use LDAP integration, i guess you have to pick which server to leave in place and then modify its LDAP settings to pick also the users, which are picked on another server.