How can i connect KAIDAN xmpp to openfire server?

hi; need help, how can i connect KAIDAN xmpp to openfire server 4.5.1
i have problem with secure connexion, i think the problem is with certificat of openfire
help …

I have no experience with Kaidan. Is your Openfire configured with a certificate that is signed by a trusted CA? If not, that’s the first thing that I’d try (for example, through Let’s Encrypt).

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hi; yes i use CA signed Untrusted (the default CA for openfire)
how can i use CA trunsted
i use Windows for all my project

By default, Openfire will generate a self-signed certificate. Self-signed certificates are typically not trusted by default, by clients or other entities that connect to your server. This is likely at least one of the issues that you are running into.

You broadly have two options to get a commonly accepted certificate for your Openfire instance:

  • Buy a certificate that is valid for your domain (and if possible subdomains - a wildcard certificate is preferred) from a certificate authority of good reputation.
  • Use Let’s Encrypt to generate a free certificate.

There are many excellent guides available on the internet on how to do this. Those guides are better at explaining what you need to do that what I can tell you here.

To avoid issues, I strongly suggest that you use a certificate that covers both the XMPP domain name, the ‘subdomains’ “conference.”, “pubsub.”, “www.” and maybe some other domains that might be useful in your environment, as well as the hostname of the server that is running Openfire.