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How Can I deploy a list of users at my spark?

I would like to know, how can I add an user list based on my users from my AD?

Or simply add an user list, could be a txt or any extension file.

Thank you !!!


you have to go in openfire admin console, select groups, search the group where the users are (my group in AD is “all”) and then select “enable contact list group sharing”. If you want you can specify the name of contact group.

Thank you Andrea, but when I try to serach a group, they no show any anwer

When I try toc reat they show this error:

Not allowed: the group account system is read-only.

Any other clue ?

Thank you!!!


I don’t know…

so tou cant’ search groups in admin console… can you search users? check your LDAP configuration in openfire, maybe there is an error.

in my openfire server i can search groups and if i click on i can share the contact with the member of the group or i can specify to share with “external” contact of the group. with ad integration you can’t add or delete or modify user or group.

If your groups are not showing then they exist outide the sope of your BaseDN and your defined filters.

Yes Tood, I’ve changed my config and now those groups are showing.

Thank you!!!