How can I disable Spark's chat history network-wide?

Some background – I manage the Openfire server here at the office. It’s running v4.0.1, and our Spark clients are running v2.8.1. Because we’re in the healthcare industry, we use the Monitoring Service plugin to archive all chat logs onto a backup server to remain HIPAA compliant. All of this is working perfectly.

What I didn’t realize until this morning is that Spark is saving its own chat logs in C:\Users*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user*USERNAME@DOMAIN*\transcripts. We also use VMware View to provide floating virtual desktops to our call center staff. Their profiles are saved on the View Persona Management server. Spark is doing the same thing there, saving its chat logs into F:\profiles*USERNAME.DOMAIN*.V2\AppData\Roaming\Thinstall\Spark%AppData%\Spark\user*USERNAME@DOMAIN*\transcripts.

I ran a test by enabling “Disable chat history” in the preferences and, sure enough, all data in the \transcripts\ folder was emptied immediately. I want this to happen across the entirety of our environment as it’s eventually going to eat up enough disk space for this request to become urgent. Before I go down the rabbit hole of trying to script a solution, is there anything built into Openfire that would allow me to manage this?

There is only a setting to Hide history settings, so users won’t be able to enable it via GUI (it is still possible to enable it by adding a setting into though). But there is no option to disable the history or delete it network-wide. To hide the settings you will need to install Client Control plugin and update Spark to 2.8.2.

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also keep in mind. If you disable chat history, and the user closes the chat window; THAT conversation is lost as well…even if spark is still running.

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This is helpful info! I’ve installed the Client Control plugin on Openfire and I see that there’s now a “Client Management” tab in the server settings. I’m using my personal desktop to upgrade to Spark 2.8.2. Can you confirm that what I’m about to say is accurate?

If I disable “History Settings” in the new Client Management section, anyone running Spark 2.8.2 will lose “Disable Chat History” as an option in Preferences. If their chat history was enabled at the time, it will no longer be enabled after this change is pushed through, but their hard drive WILL retain older chat logs.

Do I have this right?

Got it. Thank you for the additional info!

Additionally, will the Monitoring Service plugin continue to archive our chats even with History Settings disabled?

No. If their had History enabled. it will stay enabled and history logs will still be in their profiles. It’s just that the history setting will be hidden in the Preferences. This is only helpful if they didn’t already had it enabled. But history is enabled by default i think. So probably not much help.

Monitoring Plugin will still save the chats.