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How can i get connected to Spark's servers?

Hey ppl,

I mean where i can find spark’s servers to get connect , any kind of commn spark’s members…?

Spark is just an XMPP client (Jabber). It can connect to any XMPP server. The server software that is made by Jive is called Openfire. If this does not answer your question please clarify further.

There is no any server to get connect , and see other groups?

to chat with…


  1. as Todd said, Spark is just on of the number of xmpp clients, so there is no Spark only servers or chats

  2. here’s is a small bunch of public servers http://www.jabber.org/user/publicservers.shtml

Of course there can be a number of public servers in your country. And you can have your own server too. Servers can “speak” to each other over the server-to-server connections. So, all xmpp servers are theoretically creating huge xmpp network, where people in different servers can speak to each other, unlike the other propriate closed networks like ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc.

  1. if you still having problems to find/connect to some public xmpp server, you can try creating an account at igniterealtime.org server. So you would be able to chat with Spark/Openfire developers and users

Hey wroot,

First, thanks for the explans… (:

if i cought your point, well i should get connected throw the this site’s server,

do you know the adrees of the server, and another thing… where i can register to this server?


Launch Spark. Press Accounts button in the bottom of the login screen.

username: enter what you wish (this is just a username, not a nickname. you can set nickname later. so username should be simple, e.g. johns)

password and confirma password: obvious i think

server: igniterealtime.org

then press Create Account

I havent created my account with Spark, so i dont know what should happen after that. Probably you will be logged in immediately. You wount see any people in your roster. You will have to add your contacts manually. You can also go to Spark > Edit My Profile and set a Nickname. Also, you can go to a conferences tab in bottom of Spark window, right click igniterealtime.org conference service - Browse Service and join one of the chat rooms. Say, Open_Chat. http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/index.jsp in the bottom right corner you can find CHAT WITH DEVELOPERS box showing chat session time and days to it. When you join that room you can speak with develoeprs and users about questions or problems you have with Spark/Openfire and other JiveSoftware stuff.