How can i get full spark project

Hello all,

I need full files of spark for reference, when i go to search by this link

it having lot of classes, so i have install TortoiseSVN & RapidSVN for down loading all files ,but i can not get any thing

when i create folder and check out it shows error …(screen shot attached)

any body tell me how can i get full source having .zip or .rar files available or else how can i get source from site using SVN…

plz reply me…

thanks in advance.

Do you really want to use 2.5.8 source? Personally i use latest trunk.

You link is wrong i think.

So, in RapidSVN i right click Bookmarks and select Checkout New Working Copy.

In URL i put

then i browse to folder to put source in and hit OK. This will create a copy of source and a bookmark in RapidSVN with the path of the destination folder. To do an update of source you should expand bookmark. Then Update button becomes active and you can make an update.

Thank u Wroot ,

now only i can able to login thats why i reply late

i can get source after dissable fire wall…