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How can I get Roster Entry creation timestamp

To give you all a broad idea why we need this is…
Currently, We are implementing smack in our new android application. We want to limit the number of chats business-type users can reply. Like only 5 incoming chats can be replied by a business users and to reply beyond that business user need to buy a subscription.
In this scenario roster, entry creation date can be useful to determine the order of users who message that business. And then that order can be saved in local db for further evaluation.
Other suggestions also welcome to archive this functionality

You could let the server annotate the roster item, but Smack currently has no facilities to consume those annotations. An alternative would be a custom PEP node where the creation timestamps of all current roster items is stored. In any way, this seems more of a server task, not much to do on Smack’s end.

I am not sure what the roster item creation timestamp can be used “to determine the order of users who message that business”. But that’s a different question (and you sure have the answer to that). :slight_smile:

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