How can I get the source code of the plugins of search and brodcast?

I want to watch the source code of the plugins of search and brodcast.How can I get them?I have another question that is I have download the source code of jivemessager but it does not consit of all files and i know it should have existed as i watch the statement import …in the .java.How can i get full source code?


You can get the source for those plugins in CVS (click the “source” tab on this site). However, maybe we should just bundle the source in the .jar files so that everyone can get at it easily. My guess is that the source in Messenger you’'re talking about is the org.xmpp packets. That source is available in the “whack” project in CVS. We have a JIRA issue filed to make sure that source and Javadoc becomes part of the next release of Jive Messenger.