How can I make a pull request to Github repo?

I made a slight improvement in the Spark, which adds a scrollbar in Emoticons panel.

How can I make a pull request to Github repo?

P.S .: I use NetBeans.
P.S.S.: I apologize for my English. Text translated from Russian to Google translator.

I can only tell you how to do it in Eclipse. I was using NetBeans before, but NetBeans has a clunky Git support.

Working with Spark/Openfire source in Eclipse (GitHub)

Thank you! I’ll try to do the same in NetBeans or try install the Eclipse

Как ты допилил смайлы и прокрутку, если можешь скинь исходники и путь куда их закинуть…

From my humble knowledge about GitHub, I think the preferred workflow is to:

  1. Fork the Spark repository (see button on the top right)

  2. Clone your remote Spark repository.

  3. Create a local branch where you put your changes in.

  4. Push the branch to your remote repository.

  5. Then there should be a button called “Compare & Pull Request”, from which it is easy to create a PR.

  6. Optionally delete the local and remote branch after the PR is merged.

This it totally unrelated to either Eclipse or Netbeans, you can do all these steps with normal git.

It should be replaced in the source file, which is located in the

Then, compile and voila!

Нужно заменить в исходном коде файл, который находится в папке

Затем компилируем и вуаля! (4533 Bytes)

That’s when I was not able to solve your problem - the background is now a gray

Вот только я так и не смог решить новую проблему - фон теперь серым

I have merged your PR (you should get a bunch of my comments, but never mind). I have also fixed the background issue and changed it to borderless view (looks better this way, imho). This ticket is now closed: [SPARK-1652] Add scrollbar in Emoticon picker - Jive Software Open Source

Thanks for the patch

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