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How can i modify the maximum number of connections?

I’ve been struggling installing openfire connecting to oracle, and I finally gave up.

Now I’ve install it connected to mysql (never used mysql before, though it was pretty easy).

When installed I enter 100 for the maximum number of connection permitted.

Is it possible to change this number?

Can someone tell me which is the maximum recommended number of connections?

Earlier I changed the openfire.xml but it lead to errors when I try to shutdown the service.

Any advice?



Hi Max,

I may be missing the point of your question, but why are you attempting to increase the number of database connections so dramatically? That value is not related to the number of client connections.


Hi Daryl,

Maybe the point of my question was wrong in the first place. What I was trying to do is to increase the number of current connections available for user to login into the openfire server. Since I didn’t find something that points right to it, I thouht this was it.

Now, what does this parameter indicates? Is it the maximum number of DB connections? How many users can I allow to connect onto the openfire server?

If you have any reference to documentation pointing this matters, please let me know (forgot to tell am a newbie).



There is no restriction to the number of users that can sign in to Openfire. No restriction except the amount of RAM available to the server. The more RAM the more users you can support. Openfire servers can support thousands of users on the right hardware.

Thank you for your comments.

From your explanation I know I was confused with it, but I still didn’t fully understand it.

Can you please explain me, what does the maximum number of DB connection mean? What is it for?..Where may I increase the available ram for the Openfire engine?



The database conections are for reading and writing data that is saved to the database that openfire uses for storage. The default connections should be more than sufficient. to increase the RAM openfire is allowed to use you need to follow the directions contained in this document: C:\Program Files\Openfire\documentation\install-guide.html. If you do not use windows adjust the path to match your OS.