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How can I modify user properties?

At first, sorry for my english. It will not be so good.

We have installed Openfire with a Active Directory. During installation, the only properties that I have set to the users were the name and the email. How can I now modify this properties to add another (photo and Phone number)? Both of them are in the AD, but I don´t know where I have to set them in Openfire.

I’m waiting your help!!

you need to edit the vcard settings under system properties. use these settings: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1773

additionally set these system properties as such:

ldap.nameField = DisplayName

ldap.override.avatar = true

Thank you so much!!

It works fine and was what I was looking for. Now I’m triying to edit the string that you gives to me because I don’t want that the field “Title”, that is on “Organization” was shown.

The modified string that I have used is:

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{disp layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</P HOTO>{homePostalAddress}{ postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{post alCode}{c}{homePhone}</NU MBER>{telephoneNumber}{mobile}{pager}</NU MBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{wWWHomePage}

Any hint about something else that I have to change??

Sorry for my english again and thank you so much!!

use this as a reference to change any of the mappings: http://fsuid.fsu.edu/admin/lib/WinADLDAPAttributes.html

Thanks again!!

I’m quite novice with LDAP but your help It’s so useful. Now it’s working how I want!