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How can i set the following configuration with openfire?

Hello from germany,

i work in a 31-people advertising agency. At the moment were using Quickpopup (http://quickpopup.com/office/index.html) for the instant messaging. Thats okay but to expensive when we can run a free jabber server in the agency. I set up the XSever with openfire - works fine - no problems during the installation.

But now… i had a problem. In Quickpopup can i write a message to everyone in the network - like “Anyone seen Paul. Please call -123”. How can i configure openfire for messaging to everyone in the network?

We have 10.4 und 10.5 Mac´s in the Agency. Any favourite chat clients? Can anyone help me with my problem? Most important is that everyone can write a message to everyone in the agency…

Please help

The client is going to have to support a broadcast feature.

If you use the Spark client, you can broadcast from the main **Spark **client window (where you list of contacts is). There is a row of icons under your avatar and status. The 4th icon looks like a megaphone. It does a broadcast message (you can select the audience after you click it). I’m using the 2.5.8 windows client, but hopefully the mac client is the same appearance.

If you’re not using the Spark client, you can also broadcast from within the Openfire admin console:

admin console -> Sessions -> Tools -> Send Message

This is not going to be a good solution for you if everyone needs to be able to broadcast, but you can at least do it as an admin.

… thank you very much for this hint! It work´s perfect for me



Hi Christian,

there’s also a broadcast plugin available … but for 31 users I expect that you want to use the broadcast option of the client. Anyhow you may want to take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp - just in case that you need some more options.


Just create a MUC room!

That’s where they meant for.