How can i update or change account attributes after i create an account

I’m currently using Smack 4.4.6,i don’t konw how to update or change account attributes such as email,name after i create an account.AccountManager only can get account attributes.Is there any way to achieve my goal?

If memory serves, attributes like these are managed in a VCard and Smack has a class (VCardManager maybe?) that can be used to manage these.

Can they only be stored temporarily, it seems that they cannot be stored in a database

VCards are stored in the database of the XMPP server that you are connecting to.

When I restart the project in Android studio and log in with the same username and password, I don’t get the last stored data, is it because the resources are different?

No. I expect that you either did not store it in the server, or you need to retrieve it from the server.

Thank you for your patience and help.Your answer solved my problem, I found the usage specifications for VCardManager and VCard class from the API documentation. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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