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How can i use some ones transport on the server

Transport name Transport version Description

icq.jabber.meta.net.nz AIM Transport stable-20040131 A less advanced ICQ transport

jit.jabber.meta.net.nz JIT - Jabber ICQ Transport by Lukas Jabber: Jabberd 1.1.0 stable / with real threads / by Lukas Karwacki ICQ: 1.1.6 A more advanced ICQ transport

aim.jabber.meta.net.nz AIM Transport stable-20040131 An AIM transport

conference.jabber.meta.net.nz MU-Conference 0.6.0 Public Multiuser chat rooms

msn.jabber.meta.net.nz MSN Transport 0.9.3 Microsoft Messenger

yahoo.jabber.meta.net.nz MetaNET Yahoo Transport 2.3.2 (Gaim yahoo.c 1.150) Yahoo! Transport