How can I use Spark like client for Fastpath (instead of webclient)


In some docs I read that you can use webclient (traditional way) or spark to interact with the agents (also with Spark). Anyone knwos how ?

I want to implement a internal help desk and I do not want to use weblclient because everyone have Spark.

Thanks and forgive my bad English.

All you have to do is send a message to the workgroup and it will initiate the dataform process. I.e. Start a chat with and then it will start the request process. helpdesk being the name of the fastpath workgroup.

Adding to that, you can also add a workgroup as a contact in a shared group.

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Good call wroot! I’ve been doing the opposite and sharing links to the webchat interface, but that is totally effective.

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Hi Wroot…!

I have the users store in Active Directory, How can add a workgroup as a contact in a shared group. ?

Thanks a lot…!

In that case i suppose you can’t. I have it working only with a local database.

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