How can I use the VIP as an external access interface for openfire cluster?

Hi all:

I have successfully configured cluster (linux + openfire3.7.1+coherence3.3+clustering 1.2.1) for openfire

two openfire server IP are:



Now I want to use the spark to connection cluster server and to achieve load balancing , if down, will continue to work, how can I use the VIP (Virtual IP Address)as an external access interface?

thank you!

You need to either implement an external load balancer to route requests to an available Openfire server, or use something like Pacemaker/Heartbeat to manage a VIP across the two systems. The latter is probably difficult to do without implementing Openfire as part of the cluster, as it need to be able to verify the actual Openfire application is running, not just that the server is up.

If you are trying to do it inexpensivly, you can look at LVS/IPVS and do it locally on your two Linux systems without a seperate load balancer, but it requires fairly extensive configuration.