How can we copy chat room from one server to another

Hi There,

We have installed open fire on one of our development server and now we are moving to live server of client, we have created so many chat rooms on development server and we want them to be copied to live server openfire, we have found one plugin to export and import user data, is there any way or plugin to export chat room?

Awaiting response.

Thanks in advance.

To my knowledge, such a plugin does not exist, sorry.

Indeed there is no plugin for that, to have it that user friendly such in User export plugin. But you could simple copy the “ofmucroom” table from you old system to the new one.

Or you can use the REST API plugin (Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins ). You request all chat rooms from your old system by call: REST API Plugin Readme

and add the rooms to the new system by: REST API Plugin Readme .