How can you tell if MSN transport is actually connecting to Wildfire?

Ok, so I am at step 1.5 in setting up my new Wildfire server. I have setup the server, and installed all pre-req’‘s for PyMSNt, can start the PyMSNt program (python is running, and there is a pid), I have configured the .xml file for msn, and added the external componant section in WIldfire, but I can;t see it anywhere. Also, Spark doesn’'t have any neato nifty ways to actually see the different items/transports running does it? Any Help would be appreciated.


jeff garner

I think you should see it in the session tabs … (server or components)


Ok, I checked that again, after restarting the service and still am not seeing the external componants. Obviously I haven;t got it configured correctly. confused though as I did follow the instructions.

As this is a test server, I am using ip’'s instead of FQDN. is this a probable cause to this issue?


I think that spark does not allow you to do jabber component browsing. What you can do is that you can use psi client and it will show you the external components and you can add your msn friends in the roster. Then when you login with Spark, they will be in your roster and you can talk to them. You can do search in the forum for further information.



I tried another client, Exodus, and the features that I was concerned about are now visible as working on the server. MSN is not however, so I will concede that it is not working properly. Need to go in and look at the config.

MSN is not showing in the web admin tool as a connected component… Almost wished there were still c2s, s2s, resolver, etc files in there I can modify to get this thing working… ug too much voodoo …

Jeff Garner

Hey Jeff,

You can enable the debug log to gather more information. BTW, make sure that both the server and PyMSN are using the same shared secret, that could be the IP address of any other resolvable name that will help PyMSN to open a socket connection to the server.


– Gato

Ok, thanks for the answers, they helped greatly in finding the solution to the problem.

My initial problem was that MSN was not connecting properly due to my not knowing the port needed to stay at 15347, changed that back and it worked. Secondly, Spark not being able to browse properly created the situation of not seeing, and thinking that nothing was working properly. Using the last version of Spark, I cannot browse the user directory, but move to Exodus and it works GREAT!, So now I have a fully working WIldfire server. Now on to importing the PSQL db and setting up LDAP. Thanks all,