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How configure Connection manager with openfire!

Dear all,

I have installed openfire3.5_1 on my PC. It’s works properly.I want to print some “string” in connection _Manager,whenever some user login on that openfireSever.Connection_Manager prints that “String” only when, user login on same machine[that runs openfire].

BUT Whenever User login on this openfire Server by other Pc via Intranet,then no “String” display on connection _Manager side;

**Note Openfier run on IP_address.and ping/telnet works…!.

PLZ help me how configure connection_manager on my openfire sothat whenever user login on another machine, one “string” display on Terminal.!

Ok Well, I have configured it,But server show connection manager_name like “s1zkx”,How can i modify it…!sothat it will shows any custom name…!

You can give your desired name to the connection manager in manager.xml file. Field name is “xmpp.manager.name”.

snippet from the config is:

I hope I have answered your question.