How connect clients thru OpenFire XMPP transport to public JABBER server (like or


can somebody describe me, how can I use XMPP transport for connection to external public JABBER server? I use openfire for local communication and ICQ transport. This works fine. When I will use XMPP transfort, registration follows ok, but transport shows DISCONNECTED. Test connection with (gateway settings) is sucessfull.

Any help ?


the xmpp gateway transport should work the same as the other transports. once you have successfully configured the transport. the users should be able to connect using an established username for the server you have configured. the users need an account on the remote xmpp server. You could also use server to server connections and just add the remote users directly to your roster.

In SERVER2SERVER case, should my jabber server be visible from outside (internet) ? Because I don’t have registred domain for this. I just use server name.

for server to server it may require a real world address.

I want to clarify what role has s2s in xmpp transport. Because i have disabled s2s, and i use xmpp transport. Though i dont have contacts from I only have 2 contacts currently: and (not via gtalk). My xmpp transport is pointing to So, it seems that s2s is not a must have.