How could I prevent the Wildfire by connecting selected client only?

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Can you tell me how to connect with Wildfire server by using specific client??? I mean I can connect clients like Gaim, neon, Jeti…etc. But I wann to allow to connect some particular client say Gaim then how could I achieve this???

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Sach SoftFarmer

Telling people not to use other clients

How can server control this? Say by a Resource value, but some clients let you put any value in this field.

As Spark is made by same developers they can put some secret packet which must be send upon login so Wildfire recognize it as “good” client. I cant imagine any way to control other clients.

how custom do you want to get?

if you’‘re talking about central password management, you could cusomize a client (exodus, spark, whatever) such that it takes the user’'s passowrd input, adds a salt, md5s it and uses the result as the password it passes to the server.

on the server end you have a util that does the same thing in order to set the user’'s password.

This is certainly hackable, but it would take some skill to do it. if you further modify the client to never connect w/o TLS then they can’'t sniff the password and would have to hack into the executable to figure out the scheme…