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How create plugin spark using IDE Netbeans

I want to create a plugin for the spark IM client, but I can not find any clear procedure that tells me how to create this project with the IDE Netbeans

I hope you help me, if someone already did it please share a guide

Is your question how to setup Spark’s source in IDE? There is no up to date Spark plugin’s guide though.

Yes of course, there is no updated guide on how to create a plugin for Spark IM client, but if you have any guidance on how to import the Spark IM code to the IDE Netbeans it would be very good and I would appreciate it very much

I haven’t used Netbeans in a while. I didn’t liked how it worked with Git and moved to Eclipse and then to IntelliJ. And current Spark’s source has also moved to Maven structure, which i also don’t know how to work with in Netbeans. All i can do is point you to guides for Eclipse/IntelliJ. Should be similar. If you download Spark’s source from Github https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/archive/master.zip You will find two guides inside it at /core/src/documentation/