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How customise Header and footer for Jive


I would like to customise (put my own) Header and Footer to replace the Header/Footer by default. I heard but I can use a Jsp code!

anybody can help

thanks you


Hi Pouni,

interesting that you post an answered question … this is not a forum for Forum support, you will find it at jivesoftware.com. Here we discuss some things we (the js.org users) don’‘t want to post at js.com as we don’'t have two accounts and as we are just users and not forum administrators.


Hi Pouni,

Jive Forums uses a technology called Sitemesh for page decoration. With this technology, it is very simple to customize the header and footer (and style) of the forums application. For more information on the default skin, visit:

Additionally, if you are using Jive Forums 5.x, there is a new Themes feature that makes skin customizations really simple. If you are interesting in that documentation, visit:

http://www.jivesoftware.com/builds/docs/latest/documentation/forums-themes-dev-g uide.html

To answer your question, the header and footer can be changed a few different ways:

1.) In the admin console, you can enter a block of HTML for the header and footer. The only restriction here is that the html is stored in the database and thus can not exceed the limit allowed by your database.

2.) If option 1 does not work for you, you can simply edit the template.jsp file located at /templates/default/template.jsp. You can place your custom header and footer html directly into this file.

Hope this helps!