How delete user?


how can I delete user in 3.5.2 version?

If I try to do this, I always get: “Not allowed: the user account system is read-only.”

Or how can I create a user, that can be removed?

Thanks in advance.

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Probably you are using LDAP integration and your users are pulled from AD. In this case you can’t delete or create users directly in Openfire. You should do this in AD.

Thank you, wroot, for idea. Yes I’m using the LDAP integration. For those who has the same problem. Take one of LDAP Clients e.g. Fill configuration fields of your LDAP and then you can easy delete any user that you need no more. He will finally not more exist in your openfire user list!

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Well, if one is usig LDAP with AD, then he doesn’t need a third party tools. One can just login to it’s AD domain and do the same with the Users and Computers console.

I am a beginner in ldap. I’ve got ldap as a java module and I don’t know how one can login to it’s AD. I start it in a console and I get “Started Jetty Server”. If I set into the browser http://localhost:9191/, I get

Error 404 - Not Found

I can only login with LDAP Client.

But Openfire can work with it.

Well, usually LDAP is a part of Microsoft Active Directory (AD), but maybe in your case this is some other LDAP solution.