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How do I access the internal database?

Forgive me for asking such a silly question, but how do I access the data in the embedded database? I’'m investigating several Jabber servers for possible use and Jive Messenger seems to be the easiest to set up, but I need to see how well its auditing/logging works before I can suggest it.

I have found the database connection URL, but pasting that into my browser fails. I would assume I need some kind of database client software, but I am not certain. Can anyone help?


If you need easy access to the data directly, I’‘d recommend using an external database such as MySQL or Postgres instead of the ebmedded database. However, if you need to access to the embedded database data directly, I’'d recommend using DbVisualizer. If you import the JDBC driver for hsqldb you should be able to access the database.

Also, audit information is already stored in external text files. This is configured through the admin console. Jive Messenger doesn’'t yet support storing audit information in the database.



OK, I can get into the database but it seems I have configured something incorrectly. There is a table called “MUCCONVERSATIONLOG” that I would assume contains the log of conversations in a multi-user chat session, but this table does not seem to hold any data. How do I configure Jive to log multi-user chats?


The muc conversation log table is for persistent rooms (they must be marked as persistent when being created). The normal audit log will also contain all MUC traffic, but it’'s not in as nice of a form as the MUC data in the database.



It doesn’‘t seem to be populating the table whether the room is persistent or not. However, my supervisor just decided that it is acceptable if the client allows saving the conversation, so it’'s not as big of an issue anymore. Thanks for the help.

Just being curious, what are you working on?

I ask because it sounds like a university project which has something to do with logging - and I am working on exactly that

My supervisor wants some kind of solution that allows the members of my department to communicate. The solution must be open and free, and one of the specifications is the capability to log activity.

Aha! I found the problem.

If a room is configured as persistent through the admin control panel, its activity is not logged in the database. However, if a user-created room is marked as persistent, it is logged.

Is this a bug?

Hey AtmaWeapon,

I tried your case and the room conversation was logged to the database. One variable that may have affected your tests was the flush interval used by the server to log the room conversations to the database.

The room conversation is not immediately logged to the database. Messenger logs the conversation in batch mode. That means that the logging occurs in another thread which runs periodically. From the admin console you can change the default frequency which is every 5 minutes. Check out: Group Chat --> Other Settings.


– Gato