How do I add ports to the crossdomain.xml file?

I’m trying to add a port to the crossdomain file in openfire, however I don’t seem to be able to find any way to do so.

Am I missing something simple?

I wanted to put my http bind port in there (8080)


Hello grimsy!!1

your can change httpbind port default port 7070 to by adding/editing followings system propertes.

httpbind.port.plain to 8080 and which default value is 7443 to as required by you.

May be this helpful to you

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear.

I’m not trying to change the port of http binding, I want to add the ports that http binding is running on to the crossdomain.xml file which is used by SparkWeb when running from a different domain or subdomain.

The default one ( has the following:

And I want to allow access to ports 5222 & 8080

You currently have no way to modify the served crossdomain.xml its auto generated through the settings you define.