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How do I Block Private Messages originating in chat room

I have rules in place to drop ALL messages from Group A to Group A. (Packet type ANY) Chat should only occur in provided chat rooms.

They appear to work if a user tries to send a private message from buddy list or search by JID then send message.

However I believe some users have found that if they click a user within a chat room, they are still able to private message; despite belonging to Group A (drop ALL) from Group A.

I have been creating specific rules to drop specific user to user messages but this is time consuming.

Version: Openfire 3.7.1 Spark Clients: 2.6.3 Packet Filter Plugin: 3.0.1

Please help guys. I feel that I may be doing something wrong.

Just a note: a predecessor once had spark clients installed… different versions. Could old spark configs/files cause this?