How do I configure Openfire for clients to connect from the internet

Hello, I would be grateful if I could get your assistance with the following:

I have set up Openfire, on a Linux Ubuntu Server 14 Virtual Machine running on Microsoft Hyper-V in a Windows 2012 R2 server. The Openfire server has a static local IP address. My xmpp domain nad the name of my server are “xmpp”.

The Openfire server is working very well, and local clients (inside my business network can connect and exchange IMs without any problems.

Now I need to allow other users, from outside the company network to connect to our server too.

We have a domain of the type [our_domain].gr that currently directs to an external shared webserver where our site is hosted. We also have a static internet address for our company internet connection.

I understand that the following should happen for the setup to work (with users using usernames of the type [username]@[our_domain].gr ):

  1. The company firewall should be configured to allow all the xmpp relevant ports to open.

  2. Some SRV DNS records should be in place, from our internet domain administrator to correctly redirect jabber traffic to our internal openfire server.

  3. Somehow our incoming and outgoing traffic should be redirected from our firewall to our new Openfire server , and from the same server back via the firewall to the internet.

  4. Some other step?

I am not very clear on the specific necessary steps. I would appreciate all your help.

Thank you very much in advance,


Added with NAT entries to the router port forwards to the Openfire server for all necessary open ports.

Asked our ISP to add SRV DNS records for the server as described in the following link : Jabberd 2 Documentation Project

Everything worked smoothly.