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How do I delete all my users

Im setting up a new openfire server and am using a script I found to migrate users from jabberd, but my first run wasnt quite right.

How do I delete all the users so I can try again. I really dont want to individually delete and confirm for several hundred.

Using Embedded database.


stop Openfire. Locate the embedded-db folder and make a simple backup of it (tar or simple copy).

There must be the openfire.script file and maybe there is also an openfire.log file. Edit them and keep the “INSERT INTO OFUSER VALUES(‘admin’,…” line but remove all other “INSERT INTO OFUSER VALUES” lines. If you did also import rosters or vCards you need to remove even more lines. With cat/grepawk/perl this should be done in a few seconds.


Thank you, that looks like a better mor surgical way than I ended up doing. I found another posting that said to rename the embedded_db folder and edit the conf/openfire.xml file to change the true line to false, and restart. This worked ok for my purposes.

What may have made even more sense once I knew this would have been to make a backup of the empty embedded db and copy it back in as needed.