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How do I disable logging on Spark?

Is there any way to make it so that users cannot turn on logging on Spark? We’re looking at rolling it out, but need to be able to control the logging more centrally rather than having users be able to turn it on/off.

Local history is just that, local. It has nothing to do with server side logging. They are completely independent. The users can turn spark logging on and off at will with no affect at the server log level.

Is there a way to permanently disable the local logging option? I know when you install it, you have edit the XML file to have it turned off. However, that doesn’t prevent someone from turning it back on. Basically I don’t want users to be able to log locally if possible.

Short of building a custom build of spark there is no way to perminently disable this.

Has there been any update on this topic? We cannot allow our users to keep chat histories, or enable chat logging.

Is there any way of completely removing the ability to re-enable logging, even with the latest version? I am running 2.5.8. Perhaps something permissions based?

Thanks guys

I just need to remove this button in entirety from the app and set the config to disable logging. Any ideas on whether or not this is simpler to do in 5.8 than previous versions?

I’m guessing I will need to download source code and recompile it after removing that checkbox, however since I’m not a developer that might prove to be difficult. Any tips on a general location to go?


I’ve created a custom (hacked and duct taped back together) Spark client and it can be done very easily… the hard part is getting the code back into an MSI or EXE format for install. Sure you can download the free versions of Advanced Installer or Install4j, but each displays a popup with the “Trial Version” message.

Funny that you should mention that, since I’m a software packager, a lot of what I do is create MSI and EXE files and install scripts, so that was the easy part for me. But as far as actually modifying or writing code? Yeah, I took some C++ classes in highschool and that was it. So I leave the development to developers.