How do I get the instance of MultiUserChat associated with a HostedRoom?

Hello All,

Does anyone have an idea on how to get the MultiUserChat instance that is associated with a HostedRoom? I am trying to join a room after being invited but I have a little problem. The invite() method sends the string name of the room not the actual MultiUserChat, and the MultiUserChat.getHostedRooms(); returns a list of HostedRooms. How do I get the MultiUserChat instances which are associated with these “Hosted Rooms” in order to call muc.join(); method.



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Well if invite sends the room name why can you not just do

MultiUserChat(XMPPConnection connection, String room)

From the Javadocs

Creates a new multi user chat with the specified connection and room name.

I cannot do that because the room is already created I am trying to join the room after receiving an invitation. What you suggested, I believe, would attempt to create a duplicate room with the same name as the room I am trying to join.



It wouldnt afaik. Calling

MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat(conn, roomName);

when you have received an invitation will not create a new room. You will simply join the room you have been invited to.

Ok I guess I was mistaken.