How do I get the openfire API jar file?

Hi there… I want to develop my first openfire plugin. However I dont seem to find the jar file anywhere so I can add it to my classpath etc… there is a openfire.jar.pack file in lib directory… but i am not able to use it… Any information will be really helpful…

Thank in advance


Sorry i found it in another post… thx… But why does the dsitrubution have this ‘pack’ extension? What is it? Thanks

I honestly cannot answer the ‘why’ part of your question, but the first time you run openfire.exe the .pack files change to their repective .jar files

I want to develop my first openfire plugin.
I suggest you start by reading the PluginDevGuide [1]. Basically you need to download Openfire source and place your plugin in the plugins directory. Then use Openfires ant-buildscript to build your plugin. This document [2] may be also helpful here.

[1] ev-guide.html

[2] uild.html