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How do I handle this stream:error (conflict)?

How do I handle the error in the subject line of this post? I know it happens when a user that is already logged in tries to log in from a different location. Is there a way to catch it like an exception? If so what do I look for.


Hey Robert,

What is it that you are trying to achieve? Have you checked the “Resource Policy” menu option in the admin console? Would that solve what you are trying to do?


– Gato

I actually have the Resource Policy set up to close the duplicate resource’'s connection, but when it does it sends the stream:error(conflict) back to the messenger that I developed. I want to catch that error some how and tell it to close my messenger when this happens. Right now my messenger just sits there open with no connection.


Is this for a client, or a component, that you’'re trying to handle this?

Timothy Collett


I am trying to handle it in my messenger client. If a user is already loged in at one location and logs in from another the server sends this error back to my client. I am trying to “catch” this error and close my messenger. Right now the server just closes the connection but the client just sits open with no connection to the server. I want my client to see that this error has happened and halt.