How Do I Install OpenFire To My Website?

I am running a website with multiple forums, and I want to give each forum their own chat. I found the chat script I want to use, but it requires XMPP and Openfire was recommended for it.

So looking at the Openfire installation instructions, it gives a Windows option, Linux option, and Mac option. Those three options are fine for a personal computer, but what about adding to a website? What do I upload to my webhost for my website?

Then I’m a little confused about data bases. I understand it needs one or has the embed one, but each forum on my website has its own data base as well, so how will Openfire work with each of those so they stay separate from each other, or do I need to add Openfire to each forum separately?

Openfire is a server itself, you don’t add it to a website. You need to run Openfire itself and then have your website based javascript clients connect to it over BOSH/httpbind