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How do I reset username and Password for Openfire admin Lunch?

Im currently have issues accessing the admin console for openfire on my company server. the previous IT admin didnt leave the username and Password in our Password list. ho do I reset the username and Password on the openfire admin console?

  1. Make backups
  2. Stop openfire
  3. Edit conf/openfire.xml and set false
  4. Start openfire
  5. Go through setup steps and make sure to do the administrative password section.

Where are the openfire files? I left it to install in the default location, but I cannot not actually find any files anywhere

if i know the password how to type the old password in order to change it
i need to rest it

Go to users list and click on admin user, there you can find how to change current password. This is only for non-LDAP setup. If you are using LDAP/AD integration, then it is more complicated.

the admin user what i need
it solved after skip the last step of the setup then used my old password it work
ty ^^

i have the same issue hereā€¦
Where can i find users list?

Then if I have an LDAP setup. How?