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How do I set the "priority" of the connection?

We are thinking of moving over to Spark/Wildfire, but one of the things I consider missing from the client is the ability to set the “priority” of the connection. Generally I have seen this setting alongside the “Resource” setting in the advanced dialog of other clients. Am I just looking in the wrong place? If this functionality doesn’'t exist, how would I file an RFE to get it added?


While we are at it, the Advanced Dialog is a bit “messy”:

If there is a box named “Connection” then the checkbox for “Old Style SSL” and the “Response Timeout” should be in it… and probably there should be a sub box for the host/port under the checkbox for “Auto Detect” which should also be in that box.




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I was just looking through the forums to see if this same question was already asked/answered before posting one myself.

It’‘s a pity there isn’'t any replies…

agreed… too bad… It seems like a few xmpp clients just don’'t seem to acknowledge that multiple clients can be connected at different priorities shrug