How do I set up chat communication between two OpenFire Servers

Hello all,

I am new to the XMPP Chat implementation.

Could you let me know how can I design and implement in the following scenario.

I have two office locations A and B. One location say A has about 150 users and Internet is very slow here and is only used for high priority tasks.

The other location B is having 40 users and Internet Speed is very good.

I wanted to setup a server in the location B first. But, this chat server will mostly be used by staff in location A which are high in number and I dont want the chat requests for this to go through Internet.

Now I end up building two Openfire servers in both the locations.

Can users that are added to location A add and chat with users in location B via the Open fire servers. How do I do this ?

Please let me know



Hey Vineeth,

Check out the Server To Server HowTo’s document to achieve what you are looking for.


– Gato