How do I setup custom DB with Openfire 3.7?

I have an application I want to add a chat feature to. The application has its own user system/feature and I’d like to use the same user data for the chat. I’m trying to do that with Openfire.

I’ve used this document as a reference to setup custom DB for my Openfire installation but none of the properties I’ve set in the openfire.xml seemed to get applied. What I did next was to manually insert all the properties to the ofProperty table. Now it looks like Openfire is trying to connect to the database but I always get the UnsupportedOperationException (JDBCUserProvider.createUser(); 173) when I attempt to login as admin. Is there a documentation that works for 3.7? Is it also possible to not use the Openfire schema such that it doesn’t mess up with the setup database?

I’ve given up setting up Openfire with my existing schema so I created a simple one to test it. I found out that everything I’ve done so far works for the new schema. So I’m guessing it might be a problem with the orignal database.

Do not use XML file…Instead configure things in ofProperty Table…It works with any schema…just follow my posts…u will get the answer

Yes, I’ve done that as I’ve mentioned in the first post. It was just weird that it didn’t work at first. I got frustrated and started a new installation then did all the configuration steps again and then it worked.

For anyone wondering what properties I’ve set, heres a list:

  • jdbcProvider.driver
  • jdbcProvider.connectionString
  • provider.auth.className
  • provider.user.className
  • jdbcAuthProvider.passwordType
  • jdbcAuthProvider.passwordSQL
  • jdbcUserProvider.loadUserSQL
  • jdbcUserProvider.userCountSQL
  • jdbcUserProvider.allUsersSQL
  • jdbcUserProvider.searchSQL
  • usernameField
  • nameField
  • emailField


you also need to set “admin.authorizedJIDs” also properly