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How do I unsubscribe from Announcement emails?

I just got this email:

[Ignite Realtime] Announcement: Openfire 3.9.3 issue with LDAP groups

There’s no unsubscribe link.

I’ve searched through my profile settings, I can’t find an unsubsribe option.

Where do I unsubscribe?

I was the one who posted this announcement. I thought only admins will receive a notification, sorry There is no option to unsubscribe from the Announcements in this version of Jive SBS (used for forums) and i don’t see an option in the latest version, which we will update to eventually.

So, as we don’t have many announcements usually and most of them are not send to everyone (unless something critical) i don’t think it will make much inconvenience.

Please establish an opt-in mailing list instead of using the account email addresses.

It doesn’t matter what you think the inconvience is, it should be up to the recipient.

I understand that it should be up to the recipient, but the current system used for the forums doesn’t have such option (provided by Jivesoftware, also hosting the projects). We don’t have resources to change what we have or install and manage additional systems.

Did you set “Automatically receive notifications when home page announcements are created or edited” to “yes” on https://community.igniterealtime.org/user-notification-preferences!input.jspa ?

I didn’t see that! I have made the change, we will see if it helps. Thank you!

If the software doesnt support unsubscribe, then you probably shouldn’t use it to broadcast messages. LG posted a hint that might work, we will see!

Don’t know how i missed that. But i didn’t see such setting in Jive X. Or is there such? Because it will stop working after the upgrade.

How do you want to test this? As i said, there are not so many announcements throughout a year and usually we do not mark “notify all by email” checkbox.