How do rooms get handled?

openfire 3.7.0

server rhel 5

pidgin client on windows xp

it seems to me that if i make a room, i should be able to delete it.

if i’m wrong about that, that would explain a lot.

here’s how i’ve been trying to make rooms.

  1. create a chat
  2. the chat dialog has a line for the room. Enter the room name.
  3. click okay to create the chat.
  4. the room should show up in your buddy list window. double-click it.
  5. a two-button dialog opens. click configure.
  6. a configuration dialog opens. to make the room permanent,
    click the “persistent” button.

this makes a room but (sometimes) leaves it locked until “configured”.

i’ve tried making myself an admin of the room but i click on okay and

when i come back, i’m not an admin any more. the room seems to

stay locked until i click on accept defaults (in 2button) but once i

do that, the room seems set in stone. i can’t find a way to call up the

configure (2button) dialog on demand any more.

how are rooms supposed to work?