How do you actually -USE- chat?

Background: I’m in the process of trying to set up both Openfire and Prodromus so that they can be used for customer support in a small company.

The Problem: Using the tools! As I slog my way towards that overall goal, I have some questions that aren’t answered by the technical documents.

How does a lone person actually TEST chat?

Do I open two browser windows, both of them on the prodromus.html page?

Does typing in one of them communicate with the other?

I’m so confused.

(By the way, I tried this and it didn’t work … but at this point, I don’t know if the problem is procedural -OR- a technical issue with the server and client configurations.)

  • Bill

Follow up: I know that the two people involved in a chat are the support person and the customer.

Obviously, the customer is an anonymous “caller,” but -HOW- does the support person “log in” to the chat functionality so that (s)he can be informed when a customer is “calling?”

Many thanks for the help!

  • Bill

Hi Bill,

If that’s what you’re trying to do, you might consider looking into fastpath webchat plugin.


I installed the webchat.war file into the directory…


…and browsed to…


…and it showed me the webchat setup, which asked for host & port where Openfire was running.

After entering THAT, it showed me a test page. I clicked the link to test it and it opened a small window at…


But all I could see in THAT window was a button for “Close Window.” (?)