How do you add an offline user to a Group?

Issue: it doesn’‘t look like there is any way to add a user to a new group, where that user is currently offline. I can send a message to the user for the next time they’'re online, but it would be quite useful to also be able to add them to a group when offline, so I only have to send the message once.

Instead of once to the offline user for when they log on, and once to the rest of the group, if you know what I mean.

I also found that if you have a long list of users, then adding someone from the bottom of the list to a group at the top of the list is not possible using the click and drag method. I don’‘t know any other way to add them, but if someone can help that’'d be great.

OK, now I know some more about this thing. Apparently you can Right-click on the group name, click on Add a Contact and if you know the exact name of the person you can add them then. It shows as Pending, I guess until they log in and confirm that they wish to join?

It would still be good to be able to use the drag and drop method and have the list scroll upwards or downwards if the new group is not in the window.

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