How do you change Openfire administrators

Due to layoffs I have inherited the administration of our Openfire server. I need to remove admin privileges from a couple of people and add it to some others. I see how to do this if I add a new user but not how to change those settings on an existing user.

The best document I’ve found about this is and the contents of that file is entirely commented out on my box.

Needless to say I’m very dissapointed that this isn’t a checkbox on the in the admin web page. Seems like a very basic function to have.

Openfire: 3.7.0

OS: Ubuntu 10.04

DB: MySQL 5.1

Auth: LDAP connected to Windows domain controllers



It is not “checkbox driven approach” all right, but is almost as simple as that. Open admin console, go to Server > Server Manager > System Properties, click on Edit for the “admin.authorizedJIDs” property, and remove/add whatever you’d like to.

That did it. For as much trouble as it is to find that I still kind of expect a check box but your solution worked perfectly. I’ll just have to get used to the new way of doing it.

Thanks again.

Hi Kevin,

Actually, that check box does exist. From the User Summary page in the Openfire Admin Console if you click on the Edit icon you’ll see the Edit User page where you can grant a user administrator privilages.

Hope that helps,

They’re not showing up for me. I tried to attache a screenshot but apparently I don’t have permissions for that on this forum. If they’re showing up for you I suspect it has something to do with us using AD for auth rather than local LDAP.

I don’t have access to an LDAP server but glancing through the code it does appear that marking an admin is disabled in some situations. Although why it’s disabled when you’re using LDAP isn’t entirely clear since as you discovered the admin user list is simply stored in an Openfire property and doesn’t require writing any data to the user directory.