How do you filter out emoticons with the ContentFiltering plugin?

I need to block some emoticons that come with Pandion. i could disable emoticons in Pandion but it’s too easy for the user to just re-enable it. I recently installed the ContentFilter plugin for openfire but i’m having some trouble.

this is how the filtering works. From the Readme:

The default comma separated patterns are “fox,dog”. This will perform a case sensitive match on all words containing these strings. e.g. “fox”, “firefox”, “foxy”, “dog”, “hotdog”, “dogdays” but not “Fox”, “firefoX”. These simple patterns can be enhanced with more complex regular expressions as required e.g.:

  • **for a complete word match, add boundary checks with \b e.g. \bfox\b will match against the word “fox” and nothing else. **
  • **for case insensitive matchs add (?i) e.g. (?i)\bfox\b will match against “fox”, “Fox”, “foX” etc. **
  • **it is also possible to group related patterns patterns e.g. fox|dog, this can be used to reduce the number of individual patterns to test for. **

one of the emoticons i want to block looks like this (.) which produces a cartoon of an anime chick shaking her chest…hehe. anyways. only a matter of time before someone complains about it.

i tried to block this pattern:


all it does is block every sentence that contains a space in it…which is practically everything. is there some trick to blocking emoticons or is it hopeless?