How do you install sparkweb on a website?

I am a newbie, and I like the jive software,but am a bit confussed on what software to install on my social site for my users.

I want a webbase chat s/w for users on my site to chat with one other.

So, what guide can you give me in installing it on my site?

First you need a real web server (Apache, IIS, etc). Then you need to download and modify sparkweb to point at your chat server. This is done by editing the html file and saving it as index.html. Next upload the sparkweb to your server. Provide a link on one of your pages.

Please I need a step by step guide and what software to install on a shared host server to work on my site?

There is no step by step other than what I previously told you. This software has no prerequisites, other than an XMPP server running somewhere to connect to, to install it on a web server. just download sparkweb edit the html file, upload all files.

SparkWeb is only a client for chatting. It needs a chat server to connect to. To run this software you need:

  • A running chat server on your network, or hosted (it may be difficult to find a hosted solution)
  • A web server, hosted is fine
  • SparkWeb edited to point to the Chat Server


  1. Am I understanding you correctly that Openfire will server as my Chat Server for SparkWeb?
  2. I have a SBS 2003 (that takes care of the IIS server)
  3. Edit file? is that IP or FQDN? I haven’t looked at it yet. It’s probably self explanatory.
  4. Will or could SparkWeb replace Spark which will reduce resources on a terminal server?

Thank you,