How do you make the buzz feature play a sound?

I cannot figure out how to make the buzz feature play a sound, as well as shake the screen. If the user does not have the screen open, then they do not know that I need their attention. Is there a way to do this?

As far as i know, it currently should do both, do you have an error logs on the other persons PC?

It is not working on anyone’s computer. It doesn’t matter if they have speakers or not. I do not have an error log.

Interestingly, buzz doesn’t make a sound on our Sparks as well (Spark 2.5.8).

Nothing in the Spark errors.log or warn.log either… never noticed if it ever made a sound before but it would be a nice feature (if it isn’t implemented already).

I think Buzz never had sound. And there is no buzz sound selection in Sounds part of Preferences. Anyway. There is no sound with buzz in 2.6.0 Beta 1. So, this could be a feature request. Also there should be a sound selection and option to disable buzz sound in Sounds preferences.